Stories Of Okayama Jeans

We started as a casual clothing manufacture in
1964, Kojima Okayama Japan. Okayama is famous
for creating tough fabric since 1880.
From 1964, Okayama focused on Denims.
Since that time, because of outstanding quality of
Japanese denims, many European and American
high brands taking OEM from here Okayama.

Our Stories

Since 2002, We have fulfilling and providing high
demands of qualities from mainly Italian and french
brands as an OEM.
While providing products, we have been developing
new and original materials.
CRETOILE* is using the totally original fabrics,
which have strength of denims while having unique
shining effects.

okayama in JAPAN

Made “TOTALLY” in Japan

In modern days, a lot of manufactures create
products in different country, then put tiny ticks in
main countries and liable as made in where the
brands based on.
On the other hands, we think the quality is reflects
on what we have been doing “little there and here”.
thus, it is very important for us to take control every
steps to create products with no compromise.

Therefore, we think it’s vital, from cotton to weaving,
cutting, sowing and washings, totally in Japan with
quality craftsmanship based on high experience